New Menu

We’re in the process of expanding our menu at the Bake Shop to include more well-rounded breakfast and lunch offerings. These will include handmade bagels with cream cheese, scratch made buttermilk biscuits with souffléd eggs, house made granola, seasonal quiches, daily sandwich specials (including both meat and vegetarian options), made to order salads featuring fresh NC produce, a rotating selection of house made soups (with vegan options) and more!

New Space

We’ve signed a lease on the space adjacent to ours on Angier Avenue with the goal of moving our baking operation next door. This new dedicated space will give us more cold storage, space to spread out and the ability to work more efficiently. It will also allow us to add more baked goods to our menu (like bagels, biscuits, rolls and sandwich loaves) to help support our new breakfast and lunch menu.

Our existing open kitchen (our current space) will shift the focus and be re-organized to accommodate our new menu. We’ll add sandwich and salad prep space, increase the size of our bakery case, and be able to move our refrigeration out of our dining area to allow for more seating in the cafe. We’re also excited to be able to give our coffee and tea program a little more space to breathe.

Where You Come In

We’ve spent the last few months planning, acquiring equipment and finding folks to help us complete the electrical and plumbing work we need to transform the new space into our new baking headquarters and transition our existing space into the kitchen we need. We’re currently $5000 short to finish the work- that includes electrical work (for our oven, mixer and bagel boiling), plumbing in a dishwashing sink, and acquiring a couple more small pieces of equipment. Our hope is that with the amount of interest we’ve gotten from folks as of late (Lunch? Bagels every day? Sandwiches? More salads?) we can gather this last bit of funding by asking folks to join what we’re calling “Club Sandwich”

What Is Club Sandwich?

Club Sandwich is a pre-purchase punch card program at three different levels $20, $30 and $50. Each card has a number of items from our new menu (examples: bagel with cream cheese, sandwich, biscuit sandwich, salad) that can be redeemed once we roll out our new menu. Club members will be the first to know about the launch of our new menu AND will receive a Club Sandwich button (looks awesome on backpacks, hats, jackets and more!)

How Do I Join?

Cards can be purchased either in-store or online

Purchase through our online store here

Choose from a $20, $30 or $50 card.

When Is All of This Happening?

We’re aiming for Spring of 2020 right now. While we don’t expect work to take long, and we don’t need full funding to be able to start the work, we will need to reach our funding goals to make this happen.

At the time of purchase, we’ll ask Club Sandwich members for their contact email address (or, if you’re purchasing as a gift for a friend or loved one, their name and email address). Don’t worry, we promise not to use your email for any other purpose. We’ll use this email address to keep you updated and to let you know first thing when we’re ready to launch.