Coffee Tasting with Carrboro Coffee Roasters

We are excited to announce that we will be co-hosting a coffee tasting at our shop with Carrboro Coffee Roasters on Friday, February 22nd at 11am!

Carrboro Coffee excels in their craft of sourcing and roasting small-batch, artisanal coffees.

Through CCR’s unique Farmer Direct Relationship business model, Founder and President Scott Conary works directly with coffee farmers, to support them & their communities, to produce truly exceptional coffee, with consistent care and dedication to the process. We are so grateful to work with them on a daily basis; serving CCR’s signature Piedmont Espresso blend, as well as a rotating selection of brewed coffees, in our shop.

A coffee tasting is an event where coffee enthusiasts can come together to sample and discuss various coffees in a more focused, intentional manner. Tastings are a great way for curious consumers to reflect on various roast levels, flavor profiles, textural variations, and delightful subtleties, as well as the fascinating story behind each coffee.

During our tasting event, we will begin by introducing ourselves and our friends at CCR, then sharing the coffees with participants and discussing the details involved in making them so unique.

This event will be free and very relaxed. Feel free to stop by for some of it, or stay the whole time! We would love to see you either way. We will also have small bags of our house blend coffee available for purchase.