Our menu varies from day-to-day and changes with the seasons. We make everything by hand, from scratch in small batches and then bake off just enough to sell for the day so that everything you get is freshly made. Scroll down to see a sample of our daily offerings.

Looking to place an order? Give us a call at the shop during business hours at (919) 957-1090.


a sliced apple pie made with local North Carolina apples



We have a regularly rotating menu of fruit pies and chess pies available by the slice every day.



Made with local buttermilk from Homeland Creamery and rotating seasonal fillings, these are the perfect treat with a hot tea or coffee.

our handmade hand laminated croissants made daily after a three day process are some of the best in Durham



Our flakey croissants are handmade in house through three day process and baked fresh each morning. Once these rich, buttery pastries hit the case they sell out quickly!

Local North Carolina grown strawberries with a hint of ginger in a flakey handmade pie crust



Individual size galettes made with seasonal local fruit using our handmade pie dough. Try one with housemade fresh whipped cream!

dark chocolate pie, lemon chess pie, coconut sweet potato pie, fruit pie, lattice top pie


$25 // $32

Looking for a whole pie? Please call us to place an order! Our pies have earned a following because the dough is made, rolled and formed by hand and our fillings are made completely from scratch. As such we ask for at least 24 hours notice for orders and whole pies are $25 when ordered in advance. Our current whole pie menu can be found here. Call us at 919-957-1090 to place an order and find out about our current offerings!

We take care to make sure we serve the freshest handmade pies and only bake off what we need for orders and we expect to sell by the slice in the shop each day. As such we generally do not have additional whole pies for sale (though you can always call to ask, sometimes things happen!) Whole pies for walk-ins (i.e. purchased without a 24 advance order) are $32.

handmade croissants in Durham North Carolina. Ham and cheese, butter or videri chocolate



We make our chocolate croissants with Videri chocolate and hand laminate our fermented dough to make the perfect buttery, flakey treat.

we make all of our cakes in house and use local herbs and fruits and a variety of creative flavors



Our cakes are available by the slice in the shop and are made with fruit, chocolate and herbs- we change our offerings regularly.  Give us a call to find out more about ordering a whole cake.


$3.75 // $4.50

Our housemade granola is the perfect breakfast filled with cashews, coconut and pepitas, sweetened with local sourghum syrup, vanilla and a hint of bourbon. It’s gluten free and vegan! Served with milk or whole milk yogurt (or substitute almond or oat milk).



Our croissant bread pudding is served warm and changes seasonally. Examples include Videri chocolate and caramel, french toast bread pudding (cinnamon sugar and pure maple syrup) or combinations of seasonal fruit- a decadent treat for a custard lover.


$3 – $4

A warm scoop of our seasonal crisp or cobbler served with or without a side of fresh whipped cream.



Part croissant, part cinnamon roll, totally delicious. These flakey buns are made with our croissant dough and covered head-to-toe in cinnamon and sugar.

our brioche roll with a hint of orange blossom syrup and coarse sea salt made fresh in house each day



Our brioche is brushed with a sweet syrup made with a hint of orange blossom and sprinkled with coarse sea salt.

The best chocolate chip cookies! We also make them with pistachios!


75¢ – $2

A creative variety of freshly baked cookies from the folks in our kitchen.

a variety of scones


$ Varies

Looking for a variety of handmade pastries for your next gathering? We have a limited number of pastries that we bake off each day so placing advance orders helps us make sure we have enough baked off for our customers and ensures you get the selection you’re looking for!

Call us at 919-957-1090 at least 24 hours in advance to place an order. We also have travelers of Carrboro Coffee Roasters coffee available!


Customer working on a laptop at East Durham Bake Shop in the cafe


$1.75 – $3.75

We work with Carrboro Coffee Roasters to provide beans roasted in small batches and directly sourced from farmer relationships for our drip coffee, cold brew iced coffee and espresso beverages.  The milk for our beverages (as well as the dairy in all of our products) is from Homeland Creamery, and we have oat and almond milks available as alternatives to dairy. We also work with Videri Chocolate to source a rich 70% chocolate for our mochas and hot chocolates.


$2 – $3.75

We offer a wide selection of Certified Organic teas including Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Matcha Super Green, Chamomile Medley, Peppermint, Turmeric Ginger and Strawberry Tulsi. We have two tea lattes available- Ginger Turmeric Chai or Masala Chai made with local Homeland Creamery milk (or substitute oat or almond milk).

During the warmer months we also offer Organic Black Peach iced tea and Hibiscus iced tea.



We have a selection of fresh juices available each day including Orange, Tangerine, Orange Beet, Grapefruit and Strawberry Lemonade. All juices and juice blends are made with 100% fresh juice with no added sugar, with the exception of strawberry lemonade which is sweetened with pure cane sugar.


savory galettes



Our galettes, handpies and pot pies are made with seasonal vegetables and cheese- rotating varieties available hot every day.

handmade cheddar scones with oven roasted tomatoes, or fresh herbs and local buttermilk



Our scones are made with local buttermilk and seasonally inspired savory fillings like cheeses, herbs and vegetables.

housemade soup with an evening bun and newspaper



Our soups are handmade with local veggies and a whole lotta love! We often have vegan soups on the menu, but encourage you to call first for availability. Our soup pairs perfectly with a savory pie, ham & cheese croissant or evening bun.

housemade baguettes in Durham NC



Spend some quiet time in the shop and bring home a baguette for dinner later! Our baguettes are currently available in house every day but Sundays.

Ham and cheese croissant, iced tea (herbal), house made seasonal muffin



Our ham and cheese croissants are rich and buttery pastries, handmade in a three day process and filled with Swiss cheese and ham.



Our flakey savory version of our popular morning bus is filled with house made garlic butter and coated in an everything mix of sesame seeds, poppy seeds, salt and onion.

Our salads are made with local ingredients like these fresh cucumbers and housemade pickled red onions



Our salads are made in house with local and seasonal vegetables and fruit as well as grains, herbs and various dressings and change with regularity.



Our quiche is served warm and filled with cheese and local seasonal veggies. Grab a slice on Saturday or Sunday (currently only available on weekends).




Our t-shirts are available in adult S-XXL and youth S-L and are printed by Recover in Charlotte, NC. Their super soft shirts are 100% recycled, made from plastic bottles and cotton scraps. Our onesies are printed locally by Undeground Printing in Chapel Hill, NC. The design features a street map of Old East Durham.



The perfect gift! Available in any amount from $5-$100 and redeemable for anything sold at our shop.



Our mugs are $2 off with the purchase of a giftcard of $5 or more! The mug design features a street map of Old East Durham.

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